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I hope to write about books I’ve written, am writing, and hope to write. Also about books other people write, and most importantly, the experience of reading that makes it all happen.

More importantly, I hope other people will write, in the form of comments – because I’m neither technical enough nor rich enough to construct a true forum, like Facebook.  These ‘comments’ , I hope, will become essays in themselves, receiving other comments. That someone – me, in this case – has control of the dashboard (and that’s the gizzard of the machine) is to prevent spammers trying to sell weight-loss products from taking over.  Not to mention people whose mental state is uncertain.  Or unfriendly. Believe me when I say I consider this dashboard management to be a job and not a privilege.

The reason I would prefer this structure, rather than an ordinary website, is that a dialogue is more fun than a monologue – even for the monologist.  And we can teach each other.

The terror of the blank screen
The terror of the blank screen


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