The duology is at the printer

After so much emotional ka-tah, Albatross is out and Shimmer is, I’m told, to follow in February. That will mean the end of a flurry of research, guessing the near-future – and I’ll never dare do such a bold thing again – and bouncing back and forth between Nancy and myself for sound and continuity. I am actually exhausted, and hope only that someone out there reads the thing and likes it.

2 thoughts on “The duology is at the printer”

  1. I’m so pleased to have a release date for this – I’ve just this minute finished reading Albatross on my Kindle, but I look forward to having my very own printed paper copy in due course. Of course, in Australia, this won’t be immediate, but I am quite patient in my own way. I love Rob-and-Thomas and I think you must be a little bit magic, you and Nancy, because, wow, you seem to have a spy glass into the future. Sign of the connectedness of everything. Thank you for all you write

  2. The epigraph of Albatross is, if I remember correctly. “Physics. Mathematics. Music. Magic . . . I have been unable to find a clear distinction amongst the fields.” If that’s not about the relationships between things, then I guess we didn’t write so good! (In my defence, it was always difficult to understand just what Rob meant.)

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