More personal stuff about Rob and Thomas

I have been disappointed by the repeated set-backs of the release date of Albatross and Shimmer, but I understand the WordFirePress is a developing company, and Kevin J. Anderson is a very kind and funny man when I write to him personally. (With his schedule, I wonder how he can answer at all.)

I feared that having set the novels about 25 years in the future, the long delay would make them irrelevant. In my last proofread, (Nancy being discommoded by a hurricane,) I found they were even more relevant than when we started. Unfortunately.

Again, let me be clear that the action set in Britain wasn’t supposed to be about Britain. There is simply less danger of getting shot for saying something which might be offensive to a person in Britain.

Now some personal stuff: I had thought of the books as a sort of double act, with Rob MacAulay and Thomas as equal characters. Nancy made it clear in her enthusiasms that Rob was a more important character. I had a bit of internal difficulty accepting this, because a lot of Thomas is based on myself. But, she was right. Collaboration can open one’s eyes.

I do hope, after all this, that someone reads these books.

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    1. And I, Craig, am eager for you read them. You sent me a copy of Fragment, which remains almost daily in my memory, so I will send you copies of each as soon as I have them.

    1. Andrea, please. No anxiety. I am hoping the two books, (which were meant as one and broken in the middle by the publisher,) are meant to give a bit of hope in this sorry world.

  1. Well, I just finished the ebook of Albatross, looking forward to Shimmer. I realise you wanted the geography to be metaphorical, but as I live in Scotland much of it resonated more like an Awful Warning (but with hope in ordinary folks). The only thing is, I really want the backstory of what Rob’s discovery was, what led him to take his decision, and how he got to become Francis. Just in case you wanted to add a third part.

    1. You must read Shimmer. They were supposed to be one book, but the publisher wanted it split. I think Shimmer will answer your questions.

    2. I did say, I believe, that the book Albatross is half a novel, slashed into two by the publisher, and that Shimmer will take it in a new, more fantastical and hopeful direction. (I may be repeating myself. I can’t find the answer I thought I had sent to you.)

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