Fellow writers

I have been collaborating with Nancy Palmer. It started about five months ago and has resulted, between us, in one published novel, two shorts and ideas for two more novels now rising in the oven.  It’s remarkable, considering it involves one person who lives on the West Coast Canadian border and another who lives near the Florida Everglades.  It’s remarkable for other reasons, also, but I really can’t describe them in a paragraph.  Do visit her site.  It’s better done and much more amusing than this one.

3 thoughts on “Fellow writers”

  1. Good morning Ms. MacAvoy I am interested in acquiring the rights to one of your novels, with a view to creating a television series based on the story and characters of your wonderful book. it is very early stages of course, but I would like to explore the possibilities…

    Might we have a conversation in the not too distant future?
    Kind regards,

  2. Omistars, Bertie! Thank you for the shoutout. I do love your website, and always enjoy the engaging conversations about reading and writing. I’m glad you like mine as well. Working with you has been such a joy! A challenge, too, but in the very best way. I feel myself overcome with possibility.

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