Temporarily unavailable.  Being re-written and expanded galore!

Albatross is the first of the books I have done while learning to self-publish, as is the new norm. It is also  my second collaboration, although the first time I’ve had the freedom to allow my collaborator  to have her name up there with mine, Nancy Palmer.  I feel the same energy as I did with the other, long-ago collaboration of BOOK OF KELLS.

My part in Albatross originated in a dream – an actual sleeping-type dream, not like Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous dream.  It left my head filled with characters who would not be denied and would not leave me alone for a minute, waking or sleeping.  I wrote the first (very rough) draft in four weeks.  A copy I dared show to none but my closest friends took much longer. Then Nancy Palmer stepped in and sent the story in a new direction and made the whole thing work. So it feels different, as did KELLS.

The cover is modeled loosely after Nancy’s son, of all things, as some aspects of the protagonist were also modeled after him.  But that’s Nancy’s story.  Maurizio Manzieri did marvels.

Now that I think on it, my own idea for writing a book at this time came from friends on facebook urging me to write an updated version of TEA.  And I guess it is that, in as much as it concerns two adult people coming together under odd circumstances, is only barely fantasy and is short, although not as short as TEA was.  It also involves, music, personal peril and human affections. Even computers.

Other than that, however, it is like TEA as much as a fancy rocket that has fallen off its stand and is chasing the people who set it off is like the usual New Year’s display.